SterlingTech Limited

Our Services

At SterlingTech, we strive to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate on going innovation.

Our Services

Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, the company leads the process from idealization and concept to delivery


Research & Development

The approach followed by a software company in a Software Product Development Process determines the future success of the company. Three aspects which are very important in any software product are; Innovation, Quality and Technology. At SterlingTech we consider these 3 aspects within the constraints of timeframe, associated cost and available expertise.


Software Development

SterlingTech brings a range of services to meet the need of organizations of all sizes from software development to deployment and many more. We conceive, specify, design, program, document, test, and fix bug involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.


Capacity Building & Change Management

We provide training in various IT and software fields. Some may be specific such as for installed systems or generic to prepare Private and Public enterprises for higher challenges. SterlingTech is an expert in all facets of both executive and regular training. This is the fundamental strength that underpins our company. We channel knowledge and training to ensure we provide an outstanding service to meet our customers’ needs.


Hardware Installation

Good infrastructure raises productivity and lowers cost of production. SterlingTech provides and deploys the facilities, activities and services that would support the operation and development of Software solutions. We provide equipment and servers, switches and other peripherals and also build and maintain Data Centres. We also provide Network Infrastructure components which serves as the backbone for all IT programmes.


Cloud Hosting

We deliver IT services on demand or on pay per usage basis to our clients. The key characteristic of these services are availability, scalability, reliability, flexibility and serviceability.


OEMs License Sales

SterlingTech has forged strategic partnerships with many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Integrated Software Vendors. We have the reseller right of the Original Equipment Manufacturers. We resell, sub-license and distribute the Software to End Users. Notable OEM’s who we are partners to in order to resell their licenses to clients include Hitachi, Cisco, IBM, HP, Microsoft and Dell-EMC just to mention a few, which is a testament to our skill set and service delivery


Software Implementation

SterlingTech installs, configures and customises software applications. We adopt the Unified Process to support the full scope of projects by incorporating field experience and intellectual capital contributed by our experts. We power our Rapid Implementation Methodology and industry-specific knowledge to deploy solutions for Public and Private enterprises. The SterlingTech team helps both large and small companies implement software solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


Advisory Services

In both challenging and favorable economic conditions, organisations go all-out to be smart, agile, creative and proactive. SterlingTech provides deep technical knowledge and extensive industry experience to assist clients in addressing business issues that goes beyond providing traditional services.
Our Advisory team develops and offers tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions for specific client business needs that may not require the expression of opinions based on professional standards.